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Raiders of the Lost Writings

Status: availableSupervisor: Simon Brenner Before continuing to read we strongly recommend to let this play in the background: Introduction Uncountable ancient manuscripts lie in archives, libraries, monastaries and haunted tombs around the world. Unfortunately, the centuries took their toll: due to unsuitable storage conditions, fire- or water damage, clumsy librarians or the recycling of … Continue reading Raiders of the Lost Writings

Simon Brenner Publications

Brenner S., Sablatnig R. “On the Use of Artificially Degraded Manuscripts for Quality Assessment of Readability Enhancement Methods“, Proceedings of the OAGM Workshop, pp. 140-145, Steyr, Austria, May 2019. Brenner S., Zambanini S., Sablatnig R. “An Investigation of Optimal Light Source Setups for Photometric Stereo Reconstruction of Historical Coins“, Eurographics Workshop on Graphics and Cultural … Continue reading Simon Brenner Publications