Bachelorarbeiten, Praktika und Masterarbeiten

Thema Betreuer Projekt BA/PR/MA
Automatic Triage of Photo Collections Sebastian Zambanini PR, BA, MA
Kooperationsprojekt – Krebsforschung Martin Kampel  Visiomics PR, BA
Behavior Modelling from Depth data Martin Kampel PR, BA
Person Detection and Data Diversity Roman Pflugfelder PR, MA
Fusing Multispectral Images and Chemical Material Analysis Simon Brenner The Origin of the Glagolitic‐Old Church Slavonic Manuscripts PR, BA, MA
Deep Visual Tracking Roman Pflugfelder PR, MA
Normalized Flowcytometry Representation of Blood Cell Populations of Children affected by Acute Leukaemia Michael Reiter,
Roxane Licandro
Mobile app development Fabian Hollaus DI4DH BA, PR
Pattern Matching of Footwear Impressions Manuel Keglevic FORMS BA, P
Image Descriptor Learning for Matching Historical Aerial Images with Present-Day Satellite Imagess Sebastian Zambanini DeVisOR BA, PR, MA
Fine Registration of Historical Aerial Images and Present-Day Satellite Images Sebastian Zambanini DeVisOR BA, PR, MA
Mobile app to configure Wifi on embedded boards Rainer Planinc PR
FlowCLUSTER Roxane Licandro, Martin Kampel FlowCLUSTER MA
Evaluation of existing automated MRD methods in R Michael Reiter, Paolo Rota, Florian Kleber AutoFLOW FlowCLUSTER BA, PR, MA
(Historical) Document Analysis – Color Chart Detection and Calibration Florian Kleber, Fabian Hollaus, Markus Diem CIMA BA, PR
Document Analysis – Handwritten Text Recognition Markus Diem, Florian Kleber, Stefan Fiel READ MA
Document Analysis – Table Detection in Document Images Florian Kleber, Stefan Fiel, Markus Diem READ BA, MA
Document Analysis – Document Understanding Florian Kleber, Stefan Fiel, Markus Diem READ MA
Document Analysis – Document Layout Analysis for Newspapers Markus Diem, Florian Kleber, Stefan Fiel READ MA
Document Analysis – Layout Analysis and OCR of Art Exhibition Catalogues Markus Diem, Florian Kleber, Christina Bartosch MA
Document Analysis – Text Detection Markus Diem, Florian Kleber, Stefan Fiel READ PR, MA
nomacs – Face Recognition Plugin Markus Diem nomacs PR, MA
(Historical) Document Analysis – Stitching Fabian Hollaus, Markus Diem BA, PR
Data Simulation and Analysis in High-Resolution Optical Microscopy Robert Sablatnig BA, PR, MA
Pattern Matching of Burglary Tools Florian Kleber, Stefan Fiel, Manuel Keglevic FORMS BA, PR, MA
Comparison: Fine-Grained-Access Control to Governance Data in Relational Databases Alois Paulin BB16 BA, PR, MA
Classification System: Directions of e-Governance Research Alois Paulin BB16 BA, PR, MA
Development: Fair Non-Repudiation – System Integration Alois Paulin BB16 BA, MA

BA = Bachelorarbeit, PR = Praktikum, MA = Masterarbeit
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