Pattern Matching of Burglary Tools

Status: open Supervisors:Florian Kleber, Stefan Fiel and Manuel Keglevic Problem Statement Within the project FORMS the traces of burglary tools are analyzed and compared with a database. One the one hand traces of burglary tools of different crime scences can be compared. This is done to identify series burglar. On the other hand the comparison is done … Continue reading Pattern Matching of Burglary Tools

Table Detection in Document Images

Status: open Supervisors: Florian Kleber, Markus Diem Problem Statement Documents can contain tables, which can be placed everywhere within a document page, and a have a regular structure. The detection and analyis of tables is a part of current Document Image Analysis (DIA) systems. The detection of tables is of interest, since tables normally contain specific … Continue reading Table Detection in Document Images


Status of Master Thesis: open Supervisors: Paolo Rota and Martin Kampel (With a positive development of the work there is the possibility of research funding.) Problem Statement Despite various suggested approaches towards automated FCM-data analysis, there is no ready-to-use analysis tool available yet, which implements the complete FCM-data analysis pipeline, as described by Bashashati et … Continue reading FlowCLUSTER

Evaluation of existing automated MRD methods in R

Status of Master Praktikum: open Supervisors: Paolo Rota, Michael Reiter and Florian Kleber Problem Statement Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) is the most frequent leukaemia entity in children and adolescents. Despite continued progress and refinement of therapeutic approaches, disease relapse due to insufficient extinction of leukaemic blasts still remains the number one cause of treatment failure. … Continue reading Evaluation of existing automated MRD methods in R

Erfassung der Zusammensetzung von Mahlzeiten

Status der Diplomarbeit: vergeben Betreuer: Rainer Planinc Problemstellung Ungesunde Ernährung ist eine wesentliche Problematik in unserer Gesellschaft. Durch eine ausgewogene Ernährung kann das Risiko vieler Krankheiten (z.B. Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen) drastisch verringert werden. Oft fehlt es jedoch an Disziplin und Wissen, wie eine Mahlzeit zusammengesetzt sein soll. Eine grobe Klassifikation und Mengenangabe der zu sich genommenen Kohlenhydrate, … Continue reading Erfassung der Zusammensetzung von Mahlzeiten