Improving a Multispectral Imaging System

Status: available Supervisor: Simon Brenner

Problem Statement

The Computer Vision Lab has developed a Multispectral Imaging system for the imaging of ancient manuscripts (see Fig.1), which was continuously used and updated for the last 15 years. In this hands-on internship you will help us further improve the system, both in hard- and software.

Fig.1: Schematic of the CVL MSI system


In the following, the current TO-DO list for the system is given. For the internship, you can pick a couple of tasks that you find most interesting and doable in the intended time-frame.

  • Extending the focus-shift calibration
  • Raking-light configuration in the IR-Range
  • Reducing the ‘jerk’ in movements of the linear unit
  • Designing/purchasing a new mount for diffusion filters
  • Mobile/Foldable design for Photometric Stero acquisition
  • Little repairs on tripods, darkening tent, etc
  • Ensure fixed object-camera-distance (e.g. with a lifting platform and a two-laser-aiming setup)
  • Improvements of the acquisition logic (software)

..of course those tasks require further explanation, which will be given at a personal meeting.


  • You enjoy to work with hardware and to solve practical problems
  • You know C++ & Qt


  • Implement Upgrades
  • Test them
  • Write a report

If you are interested, write to