empathic vehicle

Empathic Vehicle

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Vienna Business Agency https://viennabusinessagency.at/

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Margrit Gelautz


Margrit Gelautz
Dominik Schörkhuber
Raquel Panadero Palenzuela

The aim of this project is to develop an innovative system that has the ability to recognize the emotional states and body language of the occupants of a vehicle.

Through the use of modern technologies such as computer vision and machine learning, the vehicle is supposed to understand the emotions, moods, and needs of the passengers and respond accordingly. As part of the project, extensive user studies will be carried out not only in laboratory environments but also in real vehicles and using several additional sensors.  As a result, new datasets will be created, and novel methods of artificial intelligence for emotion-based support of human driving behavior will be researched and evaluated.

By integrating emotional and body language recognition into the vehicle system, the project contributes to both improving road safety and enhancing the user experience (UX), two significant selling points of vehicles.

Project Partners

This project is funded by the Vienna Business Agency.

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