Research Areas

This section provides an overview of the research activities of the CVL. The research in the group is guided by two principles:

  • Develop sound theories that allow to predict results of methods without the need for trial and error
  • Experience shows that expert knowledge from different disciplines is important in many applications, but very difficult to asses

Hence our goal is to acquire such know-how; avoid as much as possible the need for verbal definitions and use instead interactive, graphical, iconic communications.

  • Object Recognition
    • Content-Based Image and Video Tagging
    • Robust Local Video and Image Features
    • Large Scale Object Recognition
    • Efficient Replica Detection
  • Document Analysis
    • Text Classification and Writer Identification
    • Segmentation
    • Layout Analysis
    • Multispectral Imaging
  • Video Analysis
    • Motion detection
    • Object tracking
    • Scene Analysis
  • 3D Vision
    • Calibration
    • Stereo Vision
    • Structured Light



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