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European Commission

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2004/03/01 – 2008/02/28


Allan Hanbury


Julian Stöttinger
Branislav Micusik
Lech Szumilas
Walter G. Kropatsch
Allan Hanbury
40 members

MUSCLE is an EC-sponsored Network of Excellence that aims at establishing and fostering closer collaboration between research groups in multimedia datamining and machine learning. The Network integrates the expertise of over forty research groups working on image and video processing, speech and text analysis, statistics and machine learning. The goal is to explore the full potential of statistical learning and cross-modal interaction for the (semi-)automatic generation of robust meta-data with high semantic value for multimedia documents.

In particular, MUSCLE researchers are developing software tools and research strategies to enable users to move away from labor-intensive case-by-case modelling of individual applications, and allow them to take full advantage of generic adaptive and self-learning solutions that need minimal supervision.

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