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FFG - Mobilität der Zukunft

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2020/10/01 - 2022/12/31


Margrit Gelautz


Margrit Gelautz
Dominik Schörkhuber
Maximilian Pröll

The reliable machine detection of vulnerable participants in road traffic (pedestrians, two-wheelers) is an important social goal and a demanding technical challenge, which currently remains unresolved; particularly when it comes to poor visibility conditions (night, fog), far distances (>100m) and approaching a vehicle from the side (intersection situations).

The SmartProtect project is dedicated to this task through a holistic, integrative approach that includes software, a combination of imaging and ranging sensors and component design with interactive modular architecture. Essential features of the new automotive perception system are merged sensor data with predictive function and automated, problem-specific control of headlights and infrared lighting, supported by reactive camera and LIDAR systems, which are incorporated in the same component housing and cover different detection angles. The desired multimodal systems are evaluated in real drives and in representative, reproducible test scenarios.

Project Partners

This project receives funding through the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) on behalf of the Austrian Ministry of Climate Action (BMK) via its Mobility of the Future funding programme.

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