3D Vision (UE)

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Robert Sablatnig
Marvin Burges
Sonja Klement
Peter Nemeth




Übung (UE)




066 453 Biomedical Engineering
066 504 Embedded Systems
066 506 Energie- und Automatisierungstechnik
066 932 Visual Computing
066 935 Media and Human-Centered Computing
407 UF Darstellende Geometrie

The aim of the course is to provide insights into the possibilities of 3D image processing, especially in practical, industrial applications. Accompanying the lecture, problems occurring in practice such as recording geometry, illumination, ambient light, etc. are to be considered within the tasks to be solved.
Exercise groups of 2-3 persons each try to solve a task from the acquisition to the evaluation of 3D models under guidance. 3D-Scanning will be performed at the Computer Vision Lab, using a Structured Light Scanner.
In addition, based on photographs, a 3D model will be created using Structure from Motion.
The resulting point clouds/surface models will be post-processed using appropriate software (e.g. Geomagic Wrap) to produce a consistent, watertight 3D model as the final result.


  • Scanning of 3D Objects with a professional scanner
  • Workflow from image acquisition to the final 3D model
  • Deepening topics of the 3D Vision lecture
  • Constructing a 3D model with the help of a Structure from Motion / Photogrammetry software
  • Post-processing of 3D models
  • Writing a lab report
  • Final presentation


  • Registration: via TISS.
  • Initial meeting: 11.3.2024, 15:00, Favoritenstraße 9-11, FAV Hörsaal 3 (at the beginning of the 3D Vision lecture)
  • Materials: slides of the initial meeting are found in the TUWEL course
  • Group size: 2-3
  • 3D-Scans: in March/April, room HA 04 20 (Favoritenstraße 9) – register for an appointment in TUWEL!
  • Support: Support Forum in TUWEL, Lab-Sessions
  • Lab sessions: in Mai/June, Tuesday 14:00 – 16:00, Pong Lab (Favoritenstrasse 11, ground floor); note the dates in TISS!
  • Submission: Upload in TUWEL
  • Final presentations: 17.6. & 18. 6., 13:00-15:00, FAV Hörsaal 2