Computer Vision Systems Programming (VO)

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Martin Kampel




Vorlesung (VO)



  • When: Wed 10.00 – 12.00 c.t.
  • Where: Seminar Room FAV 01 A


First Meeting: October 5th, 2022, 10:00, Seminar Room FAV 01

Course description

Computer vision from an applied point of view. We will review popular programming languages as well as open and closed source software (e.g. Matlab, NumPy, OpenCV) and talk about their pros and cons. We will also talk about how to approach computer vision problems in a principled way, and how related topics such as image processing, probability theory, numerical optimization, and machine learning fit into the picture. For the most part we will talk about selected successful computer vision applications. For example, modern cameras can detect faces in real-time, and we will see how this works. Other topics include Kinect’s depth and pose estimation as well as deep learning, one of the current “hot topics” in computer vision.


Basic image processing and computer vision knowledge.


There will be a written or oral exam (depends on the number of participants). More information and exam questions can be found here.

Associated exercises

We recommend the associated lab exercise that allows you to improve your computer vision programming skills.


see in  TISS: 183.586 Computer Vision Systems Programming  –> Einzeltermine