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zit - Die Technologieagentur der Stadt Wien - Urban Solutions 2014

Grant Number



2014/09/01 – 2016/08/31


Martin Kampel


Sebastian Zambanini
Manuel Kröter

The goal of the project Infos@ourHouse is to build a smart interactive display for apartment and commercial buildings. In comparison to the traditional communication medium of paper messages on bulletin boards, such a device enables a more efficient, economic and interactive way of delivering the relevant information to the people.

The project represents a collaboration of experts in the fields of appliance development and computer vision. The device to be developed consists of the following components:

  • Appliance based on a standard Linux platform with installed software, SD card and internet connection
  • Display
  • 3D sensor for person detection and gesture recognition to allow an interactive use of the system

The system will be designed for a robust 24/7 use with inexpensive hardware and software components (500 € per device) and low energy costs (15 € per year). During the project the system will be tested in various real-world environments.

Project partner: forlan gmbh, metamagix Software & Consulting GmbH