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FFG -Mobilität der Zukunft

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Margrit Gelautz


Margrit Gelautz
Daniel Sagmeister
Dominik Schörkhuber
Lukas Brunner
Thummanoon Kunanuntakij
Raquel Panadero Palenzuela

The goal of this project is a cost and time efficient simulation workflow for the development of applications for environmental analysis for the vehicle interior.

Our innovative approach simulates complex dynamic vehicle interior scenarios (e.g. generation and animation of 3D person models, materials and surfaces, suitable sensor configurations, etc.) and enables the production of synthetic data for training, validation and test purposes. This avoids costly data acquisition and manual annotation and allows for the simulation of a variety of scenarios, environmental conditions and sensor modalities.

In contrast to real (i.e. non-simulated) data sets, the planned simulation workflow can also capture rare or potentially dangerous scenarios (e.g. situations during an impact or micro-sleep). In addition to applications in the automotive sector, we also see operator safety in the transport (e.g. bus, train) and commercial vehicle (e.g. trucks, construction machinery) areas as promising fields of application for the proposed simulation workflow.

Project Partners

This project receives funding through the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) on behalf of the Austrian Ministry of Climate Action (BMK) via its Mobility of the Future funding programme.

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