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UNIversal Single camera-based 3D sensing for COmprehensive human PErception – The aim of the UNISCOPE-3D project is to develop highly innovative software algorithms that enable robust and precise three-dimensional analysis of the human body with a single camera. This comprehensive analysis of the human body from individual camera images is essential for a wide range … Continue reading UNISCOPE-3D

empathic vehicle

Empathic Vehicle

The aim of this project is to develop an innovative system that has the ability to recognize the emotional states and body language of the occupants of a vehicle. Through the use of modern technologies such as computer vision and machine learning, the vehicle is supposed to understand the emotions, moods, and needs of the … Continue reading Empathic Vehicle


Mobile Artificial Intelligence Justice Assistant In the preceding research project DIGDOK, digitalization potentials of analog, inmate-focused documentation processes were explored. Following the project results, the project MAIJA focuses on researching a mobile digital assistant, the “Mobile Artificial Intelligence Justice Assistant (MAIJA).” The existing data is analyzed in terms of Prison Intelligence to generate new insights. … Continue reading MAIJA

Visual Analytics and Computer Vision Meet Cultural Heritage

Aim: PhD Proram Visual Heritage The possibilities for preserving our cultural heritage have made enormous progress through digital technologies. Visual media such as historical photographs and amateur films are important components of the media collections created by digitization. To capture the contents of these collections and gain new insights, it takes methods that combine efficient automated data analysis with … Continue reading Visual Analytics and Computer Vision Meet Cultural Heritage


Multimodal Sensor Technology for Human Behavior Classification Human Behavior Classification (HBC) has attracted considerable interest due to its ability to facilitate automation in various application areas, including but not limited to smart homes, active assisted living, and security. At present, optical modalities such as RGB, depth, and thermal imaging are prevalent in the field due … Continue reading Blindsight

TriModal Face Detection Dataset – TMFD Dataset

TMFD Dataset addresses the lack of available depth and thermal face detection benchmarks. The corresponding depth and thermal data frames accompany each RGB image in the dataset. The dataset encompasses a wide range of variations. The samples include different numbers of people in the scene, different individuals, various types of backgrounds, varying distances of measurement, … Continue reading TriModal Face Detection Dataset – TMFD Dataset

HISTORIAN: a large-scale HISTORIcal film dataset with cinematographic ANnotation

Description Developing automated tools for sustainable film preservation of extensive historical film collections assumes an understanding of fundamental cinematographic settings. In order to be able to investigate new approaches to detect and classify cinematographic settings, this paper proposes a novel large-scale historical film dataset with cinematographic annotations (HISTORIAN), i.e., shot boundaries, shot types, camera movements. … Continue reading HISTORIAN: a large-scale HISTORIcal film dataset with cinematographic ANnotation

Event-based and frame-based binocular visual odometry system

The project focuses on Event Camera based Visual Odometry, mainly for robot localization. Unlike conventional frame cameras that output images based on a fixed frame rate, each pixel of an event camera independently detects relative changes in luminosity and outputs event data asynchronously. It has the advantage of high temporal accuracy, high pixel bandwidth, and … Continue reading Event-based and frame-based binocular visual odometry system

Abenteuer Alltag

Das österreichische Filmmuseum besitzt umfangreiche Bestände an Filmen, die von Privatpersonen zwischen den 1920er und den 1990er Jahren in Wien gedreht wurden und deren Leben und Ihre Umgebung auf analogem Film festhalten. Diese Filmdokumente stellen eine einzigartige Quelle der Zeitgeschichte und Alltagskultur dar, die bis jetzt nur in Ansätzen wissenschaftlich, historisch und inhaltlich erschlossen ist. … Continue reading Abenteuer Alltag


PhysAgeNet is a EU COST Action which undertakes coordinated research collaboration at European level. Its aim is to to establish a sustainable network that will foster evidence-based research and practice of physical activity in older adults and will enhance integration of innovative ICT solutions based on open data consolidated research information, in order to promote … Continue reading PhysAgeNet