Classification System: Directions of e-Governance Research

Status: open
Supervisor: Alois Paulin

Problem Statement

e-Governance research and development activities are targeting an emerging trans-disciplinary field of science, which is yet in its pioneering stages. Technical contributions to this field are challenged by a lack of clarity of research directions and often take a following- rather than a leading role in the development of this field. A clearly structured research domain would foster stronger and more efficient advances in technology.


The goal of the Bachelor/Master thesis is to develop a classification program for automated classification of e-governance research directions based on an extensive literature review. Based on this literature review, research directions and their leading scholars should be identified and their main research objectives and contributions summarised. Their relevance and potentials for disruptive technology should be identified.


  • Literature research
  • Development of classification, followed by a mapping of main scholars
  • Development of classification program
  • Publication of main findings
  • Bachelor/Master thesis (in English) and final presentation


  • Strong analytical skills
  • Programming skills (.Net / Java)
  • Good command of written and spoken english
  • Ambitions to undertake further engage in disruptive technology for governance research and developments