Publications and Presentations

Martin Kampel – Presentations

    2021 Wien „MENSCHZENTRIERTE KI-FORSCHUNG: faire Algorithmen”, Wirtschaftsagentur Wien, Austrian Institute of Technology, June 15th, Online Presentation. Wien „Social Tech – Assistierende Technologien erfolgreich pilotieren”, Wirtschaftsagentur Wien, Business Treff, Aug. 31st, Invited Presentation Wien „Pflege, Demenz und Künstliche Intelligenz”, Digitaler Humanismus: digital Health: TU Wien und Wirtschaftsagentur Wien, Business Treff, Oct 20th, Invited Presentation … Continue reading Martin Kampel – Presentations

Martin Kampel

  Conferences with Proceedings (reviewed) 2022: Helm D., Jogl F., and Kampel M., “HISTORIAN: A Large-Scale Historical Film Dataset with Cinematographic Annotation”, 2022 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP) – (accepted) Mucha W., Kampel M. “Addressing Privacy Concerns in Depth Sensors”, Joint International Conference on Digital Inclusion, Assistive Technology & Accessibility – ICCHP-AAATE 2022, … Continue reading Martin Kampel

Matthias Wödlinger

Wödlinger, M., Kotera, J., Xu, J., Sablatnig, R. (2022). SASIC: Stereo Image Compression With Latent Shifts and Stereo Attention. In Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (pp. 661-670). Wödlinger, M., Reiter, M., Weijler, L., Maurer-Granofszky, M., Schumich, A., Sajaroff, E. O., … Dworzak, M. N. (2022). Automated identification of cell populations in … Continue reading Matthias Wödlinger

Daniel Helm

Publications Helm D., Jogl F., and Kampel M., “HISTORIAN: A Large-Scale Historical Film Dataset with Cinematographic Annotation”, 2022 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP) – (accepted) Helm D., Kleber F., and Kampel M. (2022). Graph-based Shot Type Classification in Large Historical Film Archives. In Proceedings of the 17th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, … Continue reading Daniel Helm

Simon Brenner Publications

Cappa F., Piñar G., Brenner S., Frühmann B., Vetter W., Schreiner M., Engel P., Miklas H., Sterflinger K. (2022). The Kiev Folia: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Unravelling the Past of an Ancient Slavonic Manuscript. In: International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 167 (February): 105342. Frisky A., Brenner S., Zambanini S., Sablatnig R. Color-Light Multi Cascade Network … Continue reading Simon Brenner Publications

Michael Atanasov

Publications Year Reference 2018 Atanasov M., Kampel M., “Automated Determination of Gait Parameters Using Depth Based Person Tracking”, 16th IEEE Int. Conference on Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing, ISBN: 978-1-5386-8295-1; pp. 96-102, Bucharest (Romania), October 2018. 2016 Wetzinger E., Atanasov M., Kampel M., “Person Profiling Using Image and Facial Attributes Analyses on Unconstrained Images Retrieved from … Continue reading Michael Atanasov

Manuel Keglevic Publications

2019 Manuel Keglevic, Silvia Wilhelm, Robert Sablatnig. impress: A Forensic Footwear Impression Dataset. In Proceedings of the IET International Conference on Imaging for Crime Detection and Prevention (ICDP), 2019. Manuel Keglevic, Robert Sablatnig. impress: Forensic Footwear Impression Retrieval. In proceedings of the ARW & OAGM Workshop, 2019. 2018 Manuel Keglevic, Stefan Fiel, Robert Sablatnig. Learning … Continue reading Manuel Keglevic Publications

Paolo Rota Recent Publications

2016 Peer-reviewed conference papers P. Rota, F. Kleber, M. Reiter, S. Groeneveld-Krentz, and M. Kampel, “The role of machine learning in medical data analysis. a case study: Flow cytometry,” in Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications, 2016.   2015 Peer-reviewed conference papers P. Rota, N. Conci, N. Sebe, and J. … Continue reading Paolo Rota Recent Publications