CVI – Schedule WS23/24

 Computer Vision in Industry: Schedule for the Winter term 23/24

Time Type Content
Sem FAV 01 A
V Preliminary discussion, Overview on EX and exercise organization
Introduction: Computer Vision see: TUWEL
15.09. to 16.10. 2023 E Registration for Excursion: Please register with TISS.
13:00 c.t., Sem FAV 01 A
V Input Devices: Simple Sensors, Distance Sensors, Inertial Sensors, RFID, Gyroscope, GPS, Tracking
13:00 c.t., Sem FAV 01 A
V Image Acquisition: Image geometry, lenses, Radiometry, Resolution, sampling theorem, quantization, digital cameras,
Spectrum, CFA, Multispectral Imaging
Illumination: Optical Filter, Light sources, Lighting Techniques
13:00 c.t., Sem FAV 01 A
V Morphological Operations: Erosion, Dilation, Opening, Closing
13:00 c.t., Sem FAV 01 A
V Shape Representation and Analysis:

  • Binary Region Analysis Connected Components, Shape Measures (Moments), Boundaries, Template Matching
13:00 c.t., Sem FAV 01 A
E 1. Excursion exercise: Details on excursion, work plan, workflow, preparations.
Slides: ACV_excursion_01
13:00 c.t., Sem FAV 01 A
V Industrial Computer Vision: Automatic Visual Inspection, Coordinate Measurement,
Identification systems, applications
9:00 – 11:00
E 2. Excursion:  contextflow
Margaretenstraße 70, 1050 Wien.
Please be there 10 min before the excursion starts.
08.01.2024 E Deadline: Submission of drafts
13:00 c.t., Sem FAV 01 A
E 3. Excursion exercise: Discussion of the draft document, improvements, planning of presentation – download slides (slides from last year, will be updated soon)
Template for presentation: cvl_presentation_template_2021
13:00 c.t., Sem FAV 01 A
E Final Presentations:
4-page document & 1 presentation (max. 8 min.) plus discussion per person.
13:00 – 14:30,
V  Exam – Please register in TISS

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