Completed Projects


The COINS project aims at providing a substantial contribution to the fight against illegal trade and theft of coins which appears to be a major part of the illegal antiques market. The project will develop standardized inventories by defining a domain ontology based on CIDOC-CRM, the standard ontology for Cultural Heritage, and a multilingual thesaurus. … Continue reading COINS

Deep Green

Correct identification of tree species from leaves, needles and bark is a task which requires expertise. With increasing capabilities of mobile devices, like resolution of the integrated cameras and more computing power these devices can be used to take over this task. Within a project with the “Österreichischen Bundesforste AG” (“Austrian Federal Forests”) the main … Continue reading Deep Green


The goal of SCIBA (Smart Cameras for Intelligent Behavior Analysis) is to develop robust techniques for the recognition of unexpected behavior of crowds and individuals in complex situations. The goal encloses the following aims: a. Combine statistical features with tracking of individuals. Statistical features are more robust for a global decision of unexpected behavior with … Continue reading SCIBA


Humans are dealing with 3D object detection and recognition in their everyday life. In computer vision applications, 3D information is often gathered by using multiple cameras. When multiple cameras having an overlapping view and a wide baseline are used it is not possible to reconstruct an observed object based on corresponding points because such features … Continue reading CAPRI