CVPR Seminar – Schedule

16.10.18: Introduction:

  • Introduction to course
  • Students introduce themselves
  • Administration of course

23.10.18: Literature Research

  • How to find relevant literature?
  • Assignment (until 29.10.18):
    • Selection and Reading of 2 Papers (min) on selected topic
    • Write reference description (see example) of chosen topic:
      1. Formulation of own statements based on papers read for topic (3 statements min. per selected paper)
      2. Submission of reference description to editor

30.10.18: Scientific Writing

  • General characteristics and Basic principles
  • Abstracts
  • Sections of a Scientific Paper
  • Comparative Scientific Paper
  • Assignment (until 11.11.18):
    • Write an informative abstract (see example) comparing the papers selected and send it to the editor.
    • Editor  collects all abstracts and sends it to sab and zamba in pdf until Nov. 11. The editor is responsible for timely submission. No late submissions accepted!

6.11.18: Types of scientific communications

  • Topic: Types of scientific communications

11.11.18: Informative Abstracts due

13.11.18: Scientific Presentation:

  • Discussion of Informative Abstract
  • Scientific Oral Presentation
  • Parts of a Scientific Presentation
  • Question and Answer Session
  • Preparing Slides
  • How To Present
  • Chairing a Session
  • Assignment (until 11.12.18):
    • Write extended abstract of chosen topic (3 pages, see example) and prepare short presentation (5 min) of abstract, due next lesson!
    • LaTeX user please download stylefile (ausarbeitung.sty) and Template (semtemplate.tex) for the document! Word user can modify an existing Word template.
    • Please submit your extended abstract in pdf format to the editor.

11.12.18: Extended Abstracts Due

18.12.18: Abstract Presentations: 12.30am-4.30pm!

  • Presentations (5 min.)
    • Image Registration, Chair: Auer
      • König
    • Change Detection, Chair: Brandstätter
      • El-Sherbiny
    • 3D Reconstruction, Chair: Kobler
      • Auer
      • Brandstätter
    • Semantic Classification, Chair: König
      • Mayerhofer
      • Kobler
      • Cech
      • Ismail
    • Own Topic, Chair: El-Sherbiny
      • Lumetzberger
  • Discussion of presentations
  • Discussion of Ext. Abstracts
  • Assignment (until 14.1.19):
    • Write complete paper for seminar (6 pages, see example) and prepare a long presentation (10 min). Please send your paper in pdf to the editor ! No late submissions accepted!LaTeX user please download stylefile (ausarbeitung.sty) and Template (semtemplate.tex) for the document! Word user can modify an existing Word template.

14.1.19: Seminar paper due

15.1.19: Long presentations 12am-4pm!

  • Long presentations (10 min)
    • Change Detection, Chair:
    • Own Topic, Chair:
    • Semantic Classification, Chair:
    • 3D Reconstruction, Chair:

(22.1.19: additional long presentations, as required)

29.1.19: Final Discussion

  • Discussion of papers
  • General course feedback
  • Discussion of grades
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