Development: Fair Non-Repudiation – System Integration

Status: open
Supervisor: Alois Paulin

Problem Statement

Fair non-repudiation (FNR) is about ensuring communication between two participating parties in which each party can non-repudiably prove that the other party has participated in the message exchange. System-level support for such feature as of now does not yet exist.


The goal of the Master thesis is to develop a system service for a operating system of choice, to provide system-level support for fair-non-repudiation (FNR) over the Internet. The FNR protocol to be implemented is the one described in [1].

Optionally, instead of the system service, plug-ins for web browsers and/or e-mail clients can be developed.


  • Design and development of FNR service
  • Publication of research
  • Master thesis (in English) and final presentation


  • Good programming and development skills


  1. Paulin, A. (2013): A Universal System for Fair Non-Repudiable Certified e-Mail without a Trusted Third Party