Diploma Thesis – Assisted/Automated Driving

Status: taken
Supervisor: Margrit Gelautz

The Computer Vision Lab  at TU Wien announces a research position for a

Diploma/Master Student


to work on the “SyntheticCabin” project starting in March 2023 (or later).

We are looking for a highly motivated diploma/master student of Informatics (or related studies) with a background in computer vision and machine learning and a strong interest in autonomous driving applications. The successful candidate will work in a team of academic and industrial partners on the “SyntheticCabin” project, funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).

The project targets the development of an intelligent driver/occupant monitoring system in the field of assisted/automated driving. Work on the project will entail the development of computer vision and (deep) learning algorithms for detecting, interpreting and predicting human poses, movements and actions inside a vehicle. Special attention will be paid to a suitable selection of synthetic versus real data for training and testing deep learning models and related evaluation studies.

The topic of the diploma thesis will be defined in more detail in coordination between the student and supervisor.

We are looking for highly motivated candidates that meet several of the following requirements:

  • Excellent academic record
  • Strong background in computer vision
  • Knowledge in deep learning algorithms
  • Strong interest in assisted/autonomous driving applications
  • High ability of algorithmic thinking
  • Good programming skills in C++ and Python
  • Good knowledge of English

The employment will be for 20 hours/week with a gross salary (according to the collective agreement used at Austrian universities) of approximately €1.190 per month.

To apply or for further enquiries, please send an email to:

Ao. Univ.Prof. Margrit Gelautz (email: margrit.gelautz@tuwien.ac.at)

Institute of Visual Computing and Human-Centered Technology

Vienna University of Technology