Status: in progress
SupervisorMartin Kampel

Problem Statement & Goal

Neuroblastomas are one of the most common tumours in infancy. In the course of every examination, every blood test and every biopsy, information is collected in the form of measured values, images or genetic codes. Very valuable data, if evaluated and interpreted. However, the enormous quantity of data have become unmanageable that only artificial intelligence can process them effectively. For this reason, artificial intelligence is being used in a current research project in order to make meaningful use of the information collected for the young patients, e.g. for early detection of relapses. Computer programs will be used to collect, combine and systematically evaluate images from the microscope, histological findings and genetic information. The researchers also want to automate many processes that are currently still performed manually, such as the evaluation of tumour cells under the microscope.

The goal of this practical work is as follows:

Problem Statement & Goal
For the automation of the workflow, a backend structure is needed that:

  • receives and processes well-defined requests
  • loads data from a storage server
  • controls container modules for calculations with defined parameters and provides them with the corresponding data

The practical course is part of an ongoing research project. A “Forschungsbeihilfe” is available for the selected student.

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