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2019 Manuel Keglevic, Silvia Wilhelm, Robert Sablatnig. impress: A Forensic Footwear Impression Dataset. In Proceedings of the IET International Conference on Imaging for Crime Detection and Prevention (ICDP), 2019. Manuel Keglevic, Robert Sablatnig. impress: Forensic Footwear Impression Retrieval. In proceedings of the ARW & OAGM Workshop, 2019. 2018 Manuel Keglevic, Stefan Fiel, Robert Sablatnig. Learning … Continue reading Manuel Keglevic Publications

Pattern Matching of Footwear Impressions

Status: available Supervisor: Manuel Keglevic Problem Statement One of the most frequently secured types of evidence at crime scenes are footware impressions. Identifying the brand and model of the footware can be crucial to narrowing the search for suspects. This is done by forensic experts by comparing the evidence found at the crime scene with … Continue reading Pattern Matching of Footwear Impressions