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Mobile app to configure Wifi on embedded boards

Status: open Supervisor: Rainer Planinc Problem Statement Configuration of Wifi credentials for non-technical user is often quite challenging. Available devices on the market (e.g. WiFi extender, Google Chromecast, Amazon FireTV stick) often provide a configurable interface to connect them easily to existing WiFis. Goal The goal of this internship (Praktikum) is the development of an … Continue reading Mobile app to configure Wifi on embedded boards

Frailty detection of elderly people

Status: assigned Supervisors: Rainer Planinc, Sebastian Zambanini Problem Statement The frailty of elderly people is a big risk, when living independently. Frailty often leads to falls and injuries resulting from a fall. Hence, the level of frailty is an important indicator to assess the risk of falling and provide countermeasures already at an early stage. … Continue reading Frailty detection of elderly people

Fall Database

Description The database consists of falls and activities of daily living performed by two persons (person1 and person2) – each person performed all activities twice. Hence, the database consists of 72 video sequences, containing 40 falls and 32 activities of daily living. The different scenarios are adopted from Noury et al. [1] and are described … Continue reading Fall Database


2015 Santiago de Compostela, Spain, “Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (IbPria)“, June 17th – 19th, presentation: “Human Centered Scene Understanding based on 3D Long-Term Tracking Data” Tokyo, Japan, “International Conference on Machine Vision Applications (MVA)“, May 18th – 22nd, presentation: “Local Behavior Modeling based on Long-Term Tracking Data” Stuttgart, Germany, “European Falls … Continue reading Presentations