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SALAMI Dataset

Subjective Assessments of Legibility in Ancient Manuscript Images. The dataset consists of 250 images of historic manuscripts, paired with spatial maps of human legibility. These legibility were created in a study with 20 experts of philology an paleography. Dataset: Publication:

Simon Brenner Publications

Brenner S., Frühwirth T., Mayer S. (2023): Revealing ‘invisible’ poetry by W. H. Auden through computer vision: Using photometric stereo to visualize indented impressions. In: Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, 38(4):1404– 1417. Falluomini C., Brenner S., and Frühmann B. (2023): “New Light on the Gothic Palimpsest from Bologna,” in Veröffentlichungen zur Byzanzforschung, Vienna: Austrian … Continue reading Simon Brenner Publications