Publications and Presentations

Albert Kavelar Publications

Journal and Books Kavelar A., Zambanini S., Kampel M. "Reading the Legends of Roman Republican Coins", Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage, 2013, to appear. Conference Papers 2013 Kavelar A., Zambanini S., Kampel M. "The ILAC-Project: Supporting Ancient Coin Classification by Means of Image Analysis", XXIV International CIPA Symposium Strasbourg, France, September 2013, to appear. … Continue reading Albert Kavelar Publications

Sajid Saleem Publications

2014 Sajid Saleem, Fabian Hollaus, and Robert Sablatnig, “Recognition of Degraded Ancient Characters Based on Dense SIFT”, in: Proc. of First International Conference on Digital Access to Textural Cultural Heritage – DATeCH, pp. 15–20, Madrid, Spain, May 2014. Sajid Saleem and Robert Sablatnig, “A Robust SIFT Descriptor for Multispectral Images”, IEEE Signal Processing Letters , 21(4):400–403, April … Continue reading Sajid Saleem Publications