Machine Learning Developer

Security Research

The Austrian Security Research Programme KIRAS supports national research projects whose results contribute to the security of all members of society. Currently we have multiple open projects funded by the KIRAS program. The focus of these projects is to develop technologies based on machine learning to assist law enforcement agencies. For this we cooperate with different government agencies like the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Ministry of Justice.

In course of the IMPRESS project for instance we are developing an IT assisted search and comparison of shoeprints in order to find similar shoeprints at different crime scenes to catch serial offenders. Similarly the goal of the WRITE project is to automatically compare handwritings using a machine learning methodology to expedite the identification of unknown writers by handwriting experts. The goal of the MaleStv project is to to register behavioral patterns of people in prison cells using 3D image analysis in real-time to identify critical moments in order to prevent violent acts like suicides.

Job Description

You will work in a team of computer scientists from the Computer Vision Lab, forensic experts and software developers from the Cogvis Gmbh. Your goal will be to use state-of-the-art machine learning techniques like deep learning to develop a computer vision methodology. Depending on the project this might involve comparing images of handwritings, shoeprints or the automatic analysis of 3D images/videos. Other than the project requirements and common best practices you will be completely unrestricted as to which technologies you choose to solve the problems at hand. No more “use framework xyz and editor xyz and operating system wxy”!

You will also get the chance to publish and present your work at international conferences and if you already hold a relevant Master’s degree we also encourage you to start your PhD at the TU Wien. If you are still doing your Master’s you can also work part-time on any of the projects and combine your work with a Master Thesis supervised by us.


    • Experience with Python and Data Analytics
    • Preferably Masters’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or similar
    • Preferably experience with Computer Vison applications and Machine Learning/Deep Learning
    • Experience with C#/.NET/WPF and UI Design beneficial

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