PhD Position, Mobile object detection of sustainable products in super markets

Biodiversity and the climate crises are two of the largest challenges of our time. Both are fueled by unsustainable production and consumption. Often however consumers are unaware of the negative impact of products they buy. To aid such users in their decision a method will be developed that shows information about sustainability of products life on screen via an AR interface.
This method will be able to build upon recent developments in deep neural networks methods for object detection and recognition that have shown large improvements for a variety of applications. Among these, applications of deep learning on mobile devices have a large potential due to recent increases in mobile processing power.

PhD Topic:
We offer a full PhD position for 3 years, where you will develop deep learning based approaches to real-time object detection and recognition for mobile devices. You will work in a project team of visual computing scientists as well as Inoqo  a young company with expertise in mobile development and sustainability.


  • Profound Knowledge in Machine Learning, in particular Deep Learning
  • Master’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or similar
  • Experience in Python Deep Learning frameworks advantageous