Pattern Matching of Burglary Tools

Status: open
Supervisors:Florian KleberStefan Fiel and Manuel Keglevic

Problem Statement

Within the project FORMS the traces of burglary tools are analyzed and compared with a database. One the one hand traces of burglary tools of different crime scences can be compared. This is done to identify series burglar. On the other hand the comparison is done to identify a specific burglary tool.

The following image shows a two typical traces and the comparison.




The goal of the Bachelor/Master thesis is the pattern matching of such images. The images must be extracted from a nd2 file (bioformat library) and afterwards features must be defined for the matching with images of a database.


  • Literature research
  • Implementation in Matlab or C++ with OpenCV
  • Development and evaluation of the system
  • Written report or bachelor thesis (in English) and final presentation


  • Matlab, or C++ and OpenCV