Car Occupants Counting from Near-Infrared Photos

Status: open
SupervisorRobert Sablatnig

Carpacity is a young company from Vienna that has recently finished a research project with the Institute of Spatial Planning at TU Wien. They use traffic sensors and LED walls to change how road traffic is analysed and stimulated. Its mission is to accelerate the decarbonisation of how people move around.

To speed up the development and undertake more pilot projects, the company is looking for a Master student to continue developing an AI that detects car occupants in moving cars under all weather and light circumstances. Carpacity is  looking for a highly motivated master student of Informatics (or related studies) with a background in computer vision and machine learning. The current technology consists of LED walls that were controlled manually with a tablet to deliver personalised content to car drivers based on the carsf occupancy rates. This is used to raise awareness among commuters for the high carbon emissions of driving alone and to promote alternative transport solutions.

The next step is to use AI to automate the data collection and detect the number of car occupants from near-infrared photos. This work will be based on two prototypes that delivered the Proof of Concept. Training data are available but additional photos need to be collected.

General knowledge in hardware and software engineering is a big plus and will be useful in the integration of the hardware installation. This consists of a near-infrared sensor, a small processor, the LED wall and browser access.

Carpacity is looking for highly motivated candidates that meet several of the following requirements:

  • Excellent academic record
  • Strong background in computer vision
  • Knowledge in deep learning algorithms
  • Strong interest in traffic applications
  • Passion for tinkering
  • Independent work style
  • Good knowledge of English

Carpacity offers the position of a “Late-Cofounder” in the company, currently without a salary.

Check out the following links and media articles to find out more about Carpacity:

To apply or for further enquiries, please send an email to

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