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2020 Pramerdorfer C., Kampel M., “Deep Learning from Synthetic Depth Data: A Case Study”, International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications, Valetta, Malta, February 2020 2019 Pramerdorfer C., Kampel M., Kreissl R., “Behavior Detection as a Privacy-Enhancing Security Technology in Prison Cells”, International Conference on Imaging for Crime Detection and Prevention, London, UK, December … Continue reading Christopher Pramerdorfer

PCB DSLR Dataset

The PCB DSLR dataset is meant to facilitate research on computer-vision-based Printed Circuit Board (PCB) analysis, with a focus on recycling-related applications. The dataset contains 748 images of PCBs from a recycling facility, captured under representative conditions using a professional DSLR camera. All images come with accurate PCB segmentation information as well as bounding box information … Continue reading PCB DSLR Dataset