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2018 Pramerdorfer C., Kampel M., Van Loock M., “Multi-View Classification and 3D Bounding Box Regression Networks”, International Conference on Pattern Recognition, (to appear), Beijing, China, August 2018. 2017 Pramerdorfer C., Kampel M., “Deep Objective Image Quality Assessment”, 17th international Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns, pp. 127-138, Ystad, Sweden, August 2017. 2016 Pramerdorfer C., Kampel M., … Continue reading Christopher Pramerdorfer

PCB DSLR Dataset

The PCB DSLR dataset is meant to facilitate research on computer-vision-based Printed Circuit Board (PCB) analysis, with a focus on recycling-related applications. The dataset contains 748 images of PCBs from a recycling facility, captured under representative conditions using a professional DSLR camera. All images come with accurate PCB segmentation information as well as bounding box information … Continue reading PCB DSLR Dataset