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Martin Kampel – Presentations

    1994 Leiden, The Netherlands, ERASMUS exchange program, Sept. 28, Presentation 1995 Eindhoven, The Netherlands, “COMETT exchange program”, Sept. 30, Presentation 1997 Surrey, United Kingdom, “Erasmus Intensive Program”, Jun. 2-6, Workshop 1998 Budapest, Hungary, “CEEPUS Exchange Program”, May 5, Presentation Illmitz, Austria, “OAGM98: 22st Workshop of the AUSTRIAN ASSOCIATION FOR PATTERN RECOGNITION”, May 14-15 … Continue reading Martin Kampel – Presentations

MSBin – MultiSpectral Document Binarization

This dataset is named MSBin which stands for MultiSpectral Document Binarization. The dataset is dedicated to the (document image) binarization of multispectral images. A ReadMe is contained within the dataset and also available here: ReadMe The dataset can be downloaded from Zenodo: The dataset is introduced in: Hollaus, S. Brenner and R. Sablatnig: “CNN based … Continue reading MSBin – MultiSpectral Document Binarization


An Off-line Database for Writer Retrieval, Writer Identification and Word Spotting The CVL Database is a public database for writer retrieval, writer identification and word spotting. The database consists of 7 different handwritten texts (1 German and 6 Englisch Texts). In total 310 writers participated in the dataset. 27 of which wrote 7 texts and … Continue reading CVL-Database

ICDAR2013 – Handwritten Digit and Digit String Recognition Competition

Introduction Handwriting recognition is an open research topic in the document analysis community. We provide two new, freely available real world datasets for an established problem. The competition consists of two independent tasks, namely segmented single Arabic digits and Arabic digit strings. Contributions will be accepted for either of the competitions. The dataset of segmented … Continue reading ICDAR2013 – Handwritten Digit and Digit String Recognition Competition

Preliminary Schedule

Topic Winterterm 16/17: Medical Image Processing Lessons take place in Seminarraum 183/2 on Friday 14:45 – 18:00 s.t. October 7 2016, 14:45-16:15: Introduction and Oral Presentations Introduction to course Topic: Planning and holding oral presentations Speaking exercise: students introduce themselves October 14 2016, 14:45-16:15: CVs Function assignment Topic assignment Topic: Writing CVs Assignments: Write CV (see example in TISS), send it … Continue reading Preliminary Schedule

Martin Kampel – Research and Projects

Image Sequence Analysis: Sensors, Motion Detection and Tracking, Multicamera Networks, Scene Understanding 3D-Vision:  3D Acquisition, 3D Reconstruction, Camera Calibration, Hand-Eye Calibration, Robot Vision, Range data processing Computer Vision for Cultural Heritage Applications Ambient Assisted Living Visual Surveillance Medical Imaging Current Projects AutoFLOW, EU FP7 Marie Curie IAPP FlowCLUSTER, ZIT Vienna wellbeing, EU/FFG AAL Joint Programme … Continue reading Martin Kampel – Research and Projects