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Lisa Weijler is a research assistant and PhD student at the Computer Vision Lab (CVL), Institute of Visual Computing & Human-Centered Technology, TU Wien, Austria. Her research interests include pattern recognition and machine learning applications. She is passionate about combining her research with medical, social or political science in interdisciplinary projects. Lisa is driven by her curiosity and vision to break new ground with machine learning.

2020 MSc. TU Wien, Biomedical Engineering. Thesis title: Detection of rare cell populations in flow cytometry data with small training sets. Thesis advisor: Michael Reiter
2018 Instituto Superior Técnico, Biomedical Engineering. Erasmus exchange
2016 BSc. TU Wien, Technical Mathematics. Thesis title: Cluster Analysis of Base Components within the BOSCH ECU-Software. Thesis advisor: Lothar Nannen


  • L. Weijler, F. Kowarsch, M. Wödlinger, M. Reiter, M. Maurer-Granofszky, A. Schumich and M. Dworzak.UMAP Based Anomaly Detection for Minimal Residual Disease Quantification within Acute Myeloid Leukemia”, Cancers 2022, 14(4), 898;
  • L. Weijler, M. Diem, M. Reiter, M. Maurer-Granofszky, A. Schumich and M. Dworzak.Detecting Rare Cell Populations in Flow Cytometry Data Using UMAP”, in Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), Milan, Italy, January 2021