Change Detection in Graffiti Images

Status: taken
Supervisor: Sebastian Zambanini

Problem Statement

The INDIGO project aims to document and analyze the graffiti along Vienna’s Donaukanal. One of the main problems faced is monitoring new graffiti. Instead of solely relying on Instagram and human memory, an automatic change detection between images from different time stamps can support the monitoring process.


The goal of this work is to explore and examine methods that can be used to automatically detect changes in graffiti images.


Literature Review – getting to know the methods
Data Preparation
Written Report/Thesis and final presentation


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[2] Jiang, H.; Peng, M.; Zhong, Y.; Xie, H.; Hao, Z.; Lin, J.; Ma, X.; Hu, X. “A Survey on Deep Learning-Based Change Detection from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images”, Remote Sensing 14:1552, 2022,