Literatur fuer die Vorlesung und Laboruebung Medizinische Bildverarbeitung
Grays anatomy – anatomischer Atlas
– Medizinische Bilddatensätze verschiedener Modalitaeten zum download

Shape Models
Tim Cootes homepage (ASMs, AAMs, …)
– Tutorial: Learning Models of Anatomy and Function
– Quantifizierung rheumatoider Arthritis
R. H. Davies and C. J. Twining and T. F. Cootes and J. C. Waterton and C. J. TaylorA Minimum Description Length Approach to Statistical Shape Modeling IEEE TMI, 21 525–537  (2002)
T. F. Cootes and G. J. Edwards and C. J. Taylor Active Appearance Models IEEE TPAMI    23  681-685  (2001)

Neuro Imaging
Neuro Image (Journal)
– Rita Z. Goldstein et al. Is Decreased Prefrontal Cortical Sensitivity to Monetary Reward Associated With Impaired Motivation and Self-Control in Cocaine Addiction? Am J Psychiatry 164:43-51, January 2007
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