Jana Machajdik Publications

Peer reviewed papers: 


Image Features & Affective Images

Affective Image Classification using Features Inspired by Psychology and Art Theory

Jana Machajdik, Allan Hanbury, Proceedings of ACM Multimedia, Firenze, Italy, October, 25-29, 2010, p. 83-92 (download affective image sets)

Translating Journalists’ Requirements into Features for Image Search

Julian Stöttinger, Jana Banova, Thomas Pönitz, Allan Hanbury, Nicu Sebe, International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia (VSMM), 2009, p.149-153

Large Image Collections – Comprehension and Familiarization by Interactive Visual Analysis

Kresimir Matkovic, Denis Gracanin, Wolfgang Freiler, Jana Banova, Helwig Hauser, Smart Graphics, 2009, p.15-26

Video surveillance for ambient assisted living

Fusion of Data from Multiple Cameras for Fall Detection

J. Machajdik, S. Zambanini, M. Kampel, Proc. of Workshop on Behaviour Monitoring and Interpretation, BMI’10, September 2010, p.1-7

Detecting Falls at Homes Using a Network of Low-Resolution Cameras

S. Zambanini, J. Machajdik, M. Kampel, IEEE IC on Information Technology and Applications in Biomedicine”, IEEE, November 2010, p.1-4

Early versus Late Fusion in a Multiple Camera Network for Fall Detection

S. Zambanini, J. Machajdik, M. Kampel, Workshop of the Austrian Association for Pattern Recognition (AAPR), May 2010, p. 15 – 22

Oral presentations only (reviewed paper/abstract, not printed): 

Understanding Affect in Images

Jana Machajdik, Allan Hanbury, Julian Stöttinger, Proceedings of ACM Multimedia – Grand Challenge, Firenze, Italy, October 2010.

Winner of the Yahoo! Grand Challenge 2010

Affective Image Classification

Jana Machajdik, Allan Hanbury, Computer Vision Winter Workshop, Nove Hrady, Czech Republic, February 2010

Classification of Affective Image

Jana Machajdik, Allan Hanbury, IMI International Workshop on Computational Photography and Aesthetics, Singapore, December 2009